Beginners (75 minutes)

Our Beginner level classes teach the foundations of Yoga. These classes introduce the new student to the basics of Hatha Yoga and to each asana (posture) by breaking down the alignment and providing proper queing to safely enter and exit each asana. A well-rounded class is designed to strengthen muscles that are weak and stretch muscles that are tight. With an emphasis on pranayama (breath) and healthy alignment - these classes are perfect for the newcomer to yoga. No yoga experience required.

Level 1 (75 minutes)

The Level 1 classes begin to connect the asanas together - linking them by using breath, modifications, and proper instruction.  This class will move at a slow steady pace to get familiar with the flow.  Introducing Sun Salutations,, Downward Facing Dog, Warriors, Bridge, just to mention a few, along with Meditation, and Sanskrit – these classes are for the yogi coming back to their practice after an absence, those students that have a little knowledge of yoga, those working through injuries or physical challenges, and for those who need to just slow down once in awhile on their mat. No Vinyasa experience required, but basic knowledge is helpful.

Level 1-2  (75 minutes)

In this level of class we will pick up the pace.  More intermediate asanas are introduced and incorporated into the flow.  You start to use the strength you are cultivating while integrating the concept of linking your asanas together with thoughtful sequencing from your teacher.  Experience with Vinyasa is required. 

All Levels (75 minutes)

This class combines a creative and intuitive vinyasa flow that is both challenging and rewarding. In this class, more advanced asanas such as backbends, arm balances, and inversions will be incorporated into the flow.  Instruction is concise, so you should be comfortable in your practice. Although there will be options to modify to a Level 1 or Level 1-2  – most asanas will be instructed from the more advanced perspective.  This is for the yogi who has a consistent practice and Vinyasa experience is required.

Happy Hour (60 minutes)

This class offers the yoga practitioner a condensed version of their usual Vinyasa Flow.  Taught by each instructor throughout the week – the class will be customized to the type of students attending. You may begin with a meditation and gentle stretching, and finish in a headstand or just relax and unwind. You just never know!  End your workday with a chance to step on your mat and reconnect.